Design Consultant

In this industry, we believe that design is amongst the most important things to look after. Therefore we enrich our company with qualified in-house architects, interior and product designers, who just can't wait to be a part of your ideas.

Image Consultant

But there's more than just a good design. That's why we complete our services by providing dependable and experienced strategists. We will help to build the image of the project, and discover fascinating ways of developing distinctive yet familiar hospitality management.

How It Works

First, introduce us to you. Because the more we know you, the better. And then it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. At MISC, we have different approaches to different individuals. So talk to us, we love to listen.



This is the phase where we get to know each other, your plans and goals. We're not here to judge but collaborate, so share us your dreams and ideas.



Whether it's a bar, a hotel or a mini tree-house, this phase covers elements that are related to your project, and how big it's gonna be. We will narrow everything down from here and prepare what we need for the next phase. This is also the phase where we talk about risks.



Here, we conduct an intensive research regarding social surroundings, chances, needs, trends, market and important related aspects. We collect the facts & figures, then our related strategists and consultants will collaborate to give you the most comprehensive details regarding your project.



Through the research findings, we know what we're dealing with and what to expect. You will be given options and final details regarding to the project. That's it, we lock it and we make it real.